The free Australian service to help grieving families

By |23 Sep, 2016|

Sydney woman Kay found it very distressing after real estate companies persisted in sending mail addressed to her late uncle

Woman receives Readers Digest for husband dead three years

By |1 Jun, 2016|

NOT A day goes by that Mount Morgan's Lorraine Bunton doesn't think of the love of her life, John. John

Register and save dead letter heartache

By |29 Apr, 2016|

The Australian Bereavement Register is keen to put a stop to ‘dead letters’. Marketers sent 1.7 million letters to the

Avoid a $2.85 million mistake

By |11 Apr, 2016|

Trying to get in touch with deceased Australians costs charities both financially and through loss of reputation. That’s where The

Stop Dead Letters

By |7 Nov, 2015|

‘Stop dead letters’ is the clear shout out from The Australian Bereavement Register (TABR) in the lead up to Christmas.

Australian direct mailers spend $17 million on advertising to the deceased

By |28 Oct, 2015|

Glenn Harrison discusses the issues around ‘dead letter’ campaigns. Is your marketing team generating some of the unwanted 9.5 million

Charities Worst Dead Letter Mail Offenders

By |28 Oct, 2015|

Grieving Australians received more than 9.5 million pieces of unwanted mail addressed to their recently deceased loved ones, at an

Call for Marketers to stop unwanted direct mail to the dead

By |28 Oct, 2015|

GRIEVING Australians receive a staggering 9.5 million pieces of unwanted direct mail addressed to their recently deceased loved ones.

And on

Data Cleansing for Charities

By |19 Jun, 2015|

How clean is your database? It’s an important question that too few take seriously. A customer or donor database

The Australian Bereavement Register – launch of new website and rebranding reflects a growing service

By |16 Apr, 2015|

To reflect the continuing growth and popularity of The Australian Bereavement Register (TABR) deceased preference service, we’re pleased to announce

Taking a Proactive Approach to Mailing Lists & Deceased Suppression

By |12 Dec, 2014|

Any organisation which directly promotes its products or services to its customers or prospects using a rented mailing list will

The Australian Bereavement Register exhibiting at the 2014 Australian Funeral Expo

By |26 Sep, 2014|

The ACC and Higgins Manufacturing 2014 Australian Funeral Expo will be held at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday 25 October

Macquarie Private Wealth in dock for mailing blunder

By |18 Sep, 2014|

Bosses at Macquarie Private Wealth have been left red-faced after sending direct mail to a man who died six years

Record number of phone registrations received for The Australian Bereavement Register

By |20 Aug, 2014|

In June, staff members at our call centre were kept very busy. They were attending to bereaved family members wanting

How using data suppression file products improve your reputation and revenue

By |20 Aug, 2014|

Some 20 years ago, Rob Edwards (CEO of ADMA at the time) was featured in Australian Database Marketing Magazine. In

Significant increase in The Australian Bereavement Register suppression file – registrations now over 400K

By |7 Apr, 2014|

Since its launch in 2012 The Australian Bereavement Register (TABR) suppression file has been one of the most welcomed initiatives

Pre Christmas Charity Appeal offers still being mailed to deceased

By |23 Oct, 2013|

Over 1.7 million mail pieces sent through the post in the lead-up to Christmas will be mailed to dead people.