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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work

Many companies buy mailing lists or build their own lists for the purpose of directly marketing their goods and services. These companies pay a fee to ‘wash’ their lists through The Australian Bereavement Register. When matches occur, the deceased person’s details are removed from the company list.

How can you guarantee the mail will stop?

It is in the interests of the companies who use mailing lists to keep them up-to-date. Printing and postage costs as well as damage to their reputation are the incentives to regularly clean their mailing lists. Usually within eight weeks you will see a significant reduction in addressed mail. If you continue to receive unsolicited addressed mail after two months, forward it to us (Reply Paid) and we will contact the senders directly on your behalf.

Why do you need my details?

We gather information about the person entering the deceased’s details so we can ensure the accuracy and integrity of the service we provide. Your personal details will never be passed to a third party. Our privacy policy and terms and conditions can be viewed here.

My partner died years ago. Can I still use the service?

Yes. Just register the deceased’s details and the service will operate in the normal way.

What about stopping phone calls?

You should see a reduction in phone calls as many companies use the same lists for telemarketing activities. However, if calls continue to be made to the deceased after the first eight weeks, we recommend you register the telephone number with the Do Not Call Register. This is also a free service provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. You can register online at or by calling 1300 792 958.

What will it cost me?

The service is free for the bereaved and organisations acting on their behalf. Direct marketing companies pay to clean their mailing list against The Australian Bereavement Register.

Will you use the information for any other purpose?

No. The information we store on the register is used solely for removing the names and addresses of deceased people from mailing lists.

Can I register through the post?

Yes, you can download and print our registration form by clicking here. Then send the completed form (no stamp required) to our Reply Paid address:

The Australian Bereavement Register
Reply Paid 86100
Double Bay NSW 1360

What if I want to speak to someone?

You can call us any day at 1300 887 914. We’ll be happy to speak to you about any questions you might have.